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“Ode to Emily Malice” a London based tattoo artist.

I love the simplicity of Emily Malice’s tattoo’s and in particular her “mouths”.  Since I make ice cream for a living and as my “day job”, I thought a piece inspired by her mouth tattoos licking an ice cream cone would be perfect!  


I also thought what better medium to do the piece on but a piece of tattoo “fake skin” or practice skin normally used to practice the art of tattooing on.  The medium is for lack of better terms, a pain in the ass to embroider on and does not allow for many mistakes due to the fact that when piercing the material it can split.  So, I drew my image on tracing paper, lightly sewed the image to the practice skin and embroidered right through the paper.  I did not transfer the image with transfer paper, which would have been easier because the medium would not work on the practice skin. 


I also used Krylon Metallic Gold   spray paint to shade the hoops a nice gold tone. 


I stretched the finished piece on the hoop when finished and trimmed the edges with good fabric scissors for a smooth edge on the back.  Stretched on on the hoop, the piece actually looks amazingly clean and sharp.  I love the skin “fabric” and will be using it in the future for other tattoo-inspired pieces!